Frequently Asked Questions

Morse code was created by Samual F. B. Morse in 1832. it is a way of communication which transmits electrical pulses by audio tone, radio or visual signal (flashlight or lasers). Morse code is a language in itself comprising of standardized sequences of two different signal durations, called dots(dits) and dashes(dahs).

Like mentioned before, Morse code is transmitted through dots and dashes while typing or writing. These dots and dashes may take multiple forms. Considering this, dots are replaced by short signals and dashes are replaced by long signals in case of flashlight signaling r using radio signals to communicate like in World War II.

The International version, or the Continental Morse code, was created by Friedrich Clemens Gerke in 1848. This version had a few changes before becoming the International Morse code and standard by 1865.

Morse Code translator is simply an online tool which converts any text into its Morse code. You can enter any piece of text or paste any copied text in this field to see it getting converted to Morse code at lightning fast speed. If you are proficient in Morse code, you can type anything in Morse code and see it getting converted to normal alphabets and number in front of your eyes. This translator is a powerful tool.

Morse code is basically 1 dimensional code with has combination of dash and sots symbolizing alphabets and numbers and even some punctuations. You can write the code and also decode the Morse code with the help of following table: